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Nicholas Eugene Lariviere

Updated: Jan 25

July 16, 1991 - June 30, 2023

Nicholas Eugene Lariviere passed away suddenly on the evening of June 30th, just over two weeks before his 32nd birthday. He is survived by his fiancé Bri; his parents Don and Terri; his grandparents Bernie, Ron, and Carol; his younger sisters Angie, Kim, and Chris; and his honorary brothers, Kendall and Josh. One of Nick's first acts on earth was to give his parents gray hair, arriving 12 weeks prematurely and inspiring the running joke that he was never "fully baked." During his lifetime, Nick's mother would accuse him of giving her a heart attack countless times—including when she looked out the kitchen window to see his small feet dangling from the second story as he tried to (unsuccessfully) {'spiderman" his way down from his bedroom to play in the rain. Although he attempted other daring feats on multiple occasions, he never perfected his superhero landing. From the time he could hold a flashlight steady, Nick worked in the garage with his dad. Over the years, he taught Nick all the ins and outs of making things go. And much to his mother's consternation, making them go fast. One of Nick's favorite video games as a kid was called Need for Speed. With a pretend steering wheel and set of peddles, he set about nurturing his own need for speed into adulthood. He loved planes, cars, snowmobiles, and especially motorcycles. His go-to response to anyone who scolded him about the dangers of motorcycles was his trademark sheepish grin and a shrug; he always wore his helmet. Although he was voted worst driver in high school, he often drove his sister to school, invariably telling her to "hang on," because, "this is gonna be fun." It was usually fun. Nick could always be counted on for a good time. He had a flair for comedy and didn't care if people were laughing with him or at him, just so long as they were laughing. To his friends, Nick was a stalwart companion who was always ready with a joke, a smile, and a helping hand. Even if the help was ill advised. Like "nudging" his future brother-in-law's car out a snowbank with his truck and cratering the bumper. His intentions were always good, and his heart was always in the right place. Nick has aways been a warm and affectionate person, even going so far as to plant a kiss on the lips of a snapping turtle he rescued from the middle of the road as a child. It went as well as one would think. Post-turtle-kiss Nick never lost faith in his fairytale romance, and he had the great fortune to meet someone who complemented his particular brand of weird. The two were going to be married this summer. His sisters joked that she must be a special lady indeed, to put up with their brother's antics. She is that and more, and Nick never missed an opportunity to brag about her to his family during the five years they were together. He was an unfailingly loyal friend, a goofy and beloved older brother, a steadfast partner, and the most loving son anyone could have asked for. Nick blessed everyone who was lucky enough to know him with his giant heart, terrible puns, and worse dance moves. The world is an infinitely sadder place without him in it. Services for Nick will be held at 10 am on the morning of August 2 nd at Sunset Chapel in Spokane, Washington. His family would like to welcome ail who loved Nick to join them in celebrating his life. Please direct flowers and inquiries to Pacific Northwest Cremation and Funeral Home at 509-483-3440.


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