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Donna Lynn Smith

December 11, 1956 - February 18, 2024

Donna Lynn Smith (Robison) (12/11/1956 - 02/18/2024)


Donna Lynn Smith (Robison) was born on December 11th, 1956, in Spokane Washington, to Geraldine Louise Robison, and Charles Dean Robison. She was followed by her two brothers, Jim in 1958, and her youngest brother Ed in 1960.


Donna was always a bit of a tomboy. All through her life, she made many friends through her love of the outdoors. In Elementary school, she met the first of her many lifelong friends, Lia Marrazzo, joining the girl scouts with her. Later, in Middle School, she met another lifelong friend Carla Carnegie. They hit it off immediately and played tennis, ran, played music, and sang together through high school. Donna even sang at Carla’s wedding on the Saturday before they graduated from West Valley High School!


Late in high school and into her early college years, Donna joined Explorer Search and Rescue (ESAR), where she made many more friends who she remained in contact with. She also met her husband Mike while playing capture the flag during an ESAR activity. Sometime later, her and Mike attended an ESAR potluck together and brought Earthworm Stew as their contribution to the potluck. It was exactly what it sounds like. 


Donna attended Spokane Falls Community College on a volleyball scholarship over the course of several years. Her class schedule reflected her continued interest in art, physical activities, math, and the outdoors. In 1981, Donna and Mike were married in a small ceremony held in the Smith front yard in Clayton, WA. Later that year, the newlyweds moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, where they attended Colorado State University. Donna graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, and some even say that she liked carbon before it was "coal". 


They moved back to Washington and eventually had their first child David (Dave), in 1988, followed by their daughter Melissa, in 1993. Donna took on the Herculean task of raising the two children that she would later, jokingly refer to as, her "mental problems, man". She also took charge of the home and farm, whilst homeschooling both “kids," and still managed to get the two into a ridiculous amount of educational and extracurricular activities, all while her husband worked out of town during the week. During this time, she made many, many friends, through the kids’ Home-Link program, church, her hobbies, and the kids’ sports teams. She met her best friend, Laurie Griffen, in 1997 through the basketball team that Dave and Laurie’s son, Derek, played on. Donna and Laurie remained steadfast friends through husbands and ex-husbands, growing children, and cross-country moves. She also made many other dear friends during this time of her life.


In 2006, Donna decided to go back to work again. She worked a brief stint at the famous Clayton Drive-In, before finding a lasting career at the Clayton Post Office. Through this job she reconnected with several old friends, Sandy Hurn and Kim Crahen, as well as made new ones in her community. She loved attending the Clayton Community Church, where she played piano with the choir. She loved being a part of things, and getting to know and love so many people in her town.


In 2017, Donna moved back into her childhood home with her mother and brother Ed after her divorce. She continued working at the Clayton Post Office, and attended church faithfully, becoming a part of many church groups. When she was initially diagnosed with breast cancer, being home gave her support to fight and win her first battle with cancer. Donna was later able to care for her mother as she fought her own battle with breast cancer. 


In December 2022, Donna received the news that her cancer had returned. Unlike most people receiving such news, Donna continued to plan for her future, and care for and consider the people around her, even waiting to retire until she felt like her absence would be less of a burden for the coworkers that she loved. 


In April 2023, Donna finally retired from the post office. She spent her final months in remarkably high spirits. She leaned much on her faith and her friends in her church. She went on several trips with friends, and her daughter. She continued to donate to causes that she believed in and to take care of herself, while still enjoying her favorite blended mochas whenever possible. In her final weeks, she was swarmed with friends and loved ones visiting her in the hospital. It wasn’t long before the front desk staff of the hospital knew her room number by her name, and her name by her room number! 


Throughout her life Donna had many hobbies and interests. She loved the outdoors, having had many hobbies including hiking, backpacking, camping, fly fishing, gardening, and photography. She also loved music (it's a Robison thing) and art. It wasn't hard to find her singing, playing her guitar or piano, painting, weaving, drawing, or quilting. She was also a natural mathematician, lover of animals, and could make a mean huckleberry pie. She loved music and mountains, cool rocks and flowers. She was silly, funny, and strikingly innocent. She was a fiercely devout Christian and had a positive outlook on the world that few people can match. She was one in a million. One of a kind. She will be greatly missed by all. 


Donna is survived by her daughter Melissa, son Dave (Brenda), granddaughter Jordyn, brothers Ed and Jim, and hundreds of others who were impacted by her bright smile and friendly nature. 


Donna’s memorial service will be held on April 13th at 2:00PM, at ONE* Church located at 15601 E 24th Ave Spokane Valley, WA, 99037.


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