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David Lyle Braucht

March 03, 1929 - August 04, 2016

Dave was born to Pearl Hill and Everett Braucht. He and His brothers, Bernie, Obert, and Ron all grew up in the Spokane Valley. Dave loved sports, and played on one of the most successful basketball teams in Central Valley High School’s history (1947---the year they took the state championship). That event sort of defined his entire life and gave him a love for all sports--as he said, “he loved watching anything with a ball in it!” During his high school years, he dated Ruby Tinker and eventually married her. Ruby played in the band and was the daughter of Clarence Tinker and Latisha Turnbull. Ruby and Dave had two children, Dave and Sandy. Dave participated in the Korean War and spent time on the DD729 Lyman K. Swenson Destroyer which was listed as one of the “sitting ducks of Inchon.” He told us, “We anchored 1000 yards from the nearest land to draw fire so the cruisers could shoot over us at sighted guns. During that time, an enemy shell bounced off the water and hit a mounted 20MM gun. One segment hit the head and left shoulder of a crewmate, which killed him. I cleaned the remains of the bulkhead on the bridge. His name was David Swenson. The captain of the Juneau was also named Swenson, but he was no relation. This ship had the six Sullivan brothers aboard. After the Juneau sank, the Navy changed its policy and no more than one sibling was allowed to serve on any one ship or any one branch of the service.” Dave would often shed a tear when he’d tell the story. Dave attended college at E.W.S.C, Whitworth, Holy Names, and WSU, with the majority of his time at E.W.S.C. He was hired as a teacher in March of 1955, at Central Valley High School where he taught mathematics and did some coaching prior to 1969, Dave started the first computer courses at Central Valley High School, and became the head of the math/science department in 1969. After his retirement in 1985, Dave worked at Arbor Crest winery until 1989, and eventually became a Cellar Master. After leaving Arbor Crest, his free time was spent attending yard sales with his best friend, Ray Blowers, where he bought and began refurbishing old fishing rods---hundreds of them! He also loved a good fishing trip, but dementia eventually took a toll, as well as the loss of his wife and his daughter, Sandy, two years ago. He will be missed by the friends and family he has left behind. Dave’s name and photo are proudly hung on the Central Valley High School “Wall of Fame.”


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