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Rachel A Foster

April 04, 1965 - February 20, 2018

Rachel Alice Foster, of Deer Park, WA died in her home, surrounded by her family on February 20, 2018. She was 52 years old. Rachel was born on April 4, 1965 in Daytona Beach, FL to Lilly and Theodore Barrs. She grew up in Stockton, CA and was at times a mischievous child. At age 12 she ‘borrowed’ her mother’s VW Beetle and went for a joyride with her friend Suzy. She said she did a fine job of driving and they were only caught because Suzy panicked and ducked when they saw a cop, who then pulled them over. She loved to recount her childhood adventures of riding Silver Heels (a fast horse belonging to an acquaintance). Rachel met her devoted husband, Steve Foster while working at a drive in theater. She enjoyed telling the story of how he pretended to not know how to make cotton candy just so she would have to show him again (and hold his hand in the process). They married in 1981. Together they had three daughters, Sarah, Alison and Karen. Rachel was very proud of her daughters. She loved to sew their dresses and clothes when they were little. She encouraged them to sing, dance, roller skate, swim, and ride bikes. She often took her girls and their cousins for bike rides around Stockton, CA when they were young...her leading like a mother goose with 6+ goslings following in a line behind her. Rachel adored her three grandchildren, Kira, Jeremiah, and Katelyn. She took her job as grandma very serious and had fun spoiling them with the coolest clothes, shoes, and toys. She loved to make ‘brag books’ and slideshows using the latest photos of them as they grew. - Rachel valued honesty, respect and loyalty. She found satisfaction and joy in helping others for 20 years at her job at Spokane Valley Hospital. Rachel enjoyed singing and was known to coax her family and friends to join her in the fun. Her other passions included riding her bike on the Hiawatha Trail in Idaho, horseback riding on the ocean beach, baking her delicious Pinterest finds, and enjoying a night out with her friends, family and coworkers (whether it was karaoke, dancing, painting, or a show). In addition to her husband, daughters, son-in-law Jesse, and three grandchildren, she is survived by her mother Lilly Setbacken, and stepmother Sandy Barrs, siblings Richard Barrs and Becky Stuller, and many more cherished nephews, nieces, cousins, in-laws and friends. (Also, her beloved cat Anni-versary and cockatiels Bob and Charlie). Rachel closed her eyes for the long sleep in her home after a painful and arduous battle with cancer. Though she suffered much, she never blamed her god Jehovah for her suffering. She turned to Him in prayer. She knew from her study of the bible that He had not caused her suffering, and she found comfort in her hope for the future; the promise from God to awaken those who have fallen asleep in death to perfect health on paradise earth. (Ps. 37:9,29; John 5:28,29; John 11:17-43; Rev. 21:4). Rachel will be remembered for her loving nature, her generous spirit, and her knack for making an ordinary day fun.


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