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obituaries for spokane and the inland northwest

Thank you for visiting the Pacific NW Cremation & Funeral obituary and memorial section. PNW Cremation & Funeral is honored to share these memorials as well as your tributes to recently passed loved ones.

This page is provided as a resource for families and friends to share, discover, and provide your own memories and pay tribute to a member of our Northwest community.

Obituaries from Spokane, Kootenai, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Ferry, Lincoln, Whitman counties and the greater Inland Northwest are provided.
You can share memories, photos as well as information about events and memorials honoring your loved ones' life as well.

obituary posting data retention

Please click here to read our important note about preserving obituary content for longer than 5 years.



PNW recommends that you copy or print any obituary, obituary information, or comments that you may wish to have saved for the future.  While PNW Cremation will make every effort to retain and save obituaries that are posted on our website, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this information will always be stored on our web servers, or in the unlikely event of a complete data loss.

Comments posted to an obituary may only be saved for up to one year following the posting of the obituary.

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