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Robert Jake Hoerner

December 18, 1981 - July 07, 2022

Robert Jake Hoerner, 40, of Nine Mile Falls, Spokane County, Washington, died on July 7, 2022 as a result of serious injuries sustained in a fireworks accident. He was born December 18, 1981 in Kennewick, Washington. While Jake was a young teen, he came to live with his Aunt Carol Hoerner. Over the years Jake would return to visit Carol. When he had to return to the Seattle-Renton area for work related reasons, or Journeyman Certificate renewal testing, or any other reason, he always visited his Aunt Carol. He often stayed with her for the short period he was in town. It was one of those happy things in life we all love. For Carol had raised, a strong, steady, friendly, extremely likable, handsome, professional guy. A concerned, caring man. Witness his decision to register as an organ donor. And his gift of donation has been received by those in need upon his passing. Jake graduated from Lindbergh High School in Renton, WA. There he lettered in football. His life’s work was as a Journeyman Tree Trimmer. He loved his work. Jake lived in the home he bought, his retreat, on Spokane Lake. Because he loved nature and the outdoors he called his home on the lake his "happy place". He liked to tell how he found the gentle peace and happiness of nature right there where he lived...outside relaxing, wood burning in the fire pit, laying back, gazing up at the skies, day or night. And then with a smile and a laugh he would declare “...while listening to Metallica!” And he meant it! He loved camping, and fishing, and working out. He was an adventurous dare devil of a man who simply loved life. As a boy, and as a man, he enjoyed nothing more than climbing high up into the trees toward the sky and view the horizon. As a tree trimmer, he was proud to be a tree “saver”. In the old days when trees were deemed to be in the way of development, or communications, or progress, many times they were cut down en masse. In these times now, when Jake trimmed a tree, that tree, was a “saved” tree, that remained for all to benefit. And whenever he returned to an area to trim that which he had trimmed a few years earlier, he saw that the tree, or trees, had grown even taller and stronger. And it was good. Such is the way of nature. And though sometimes Jake had to take down an unhealthy or dangerous tree, his main mission, his professional life, was to save trees. For all to enjoy. Jake loved his family, and they loved him. He loved his friends and was true to them. He enjoyed making new friends. Someone once said that when you met Jake, you knew right away you liked him. He is survived by his father Rodney Hoerner, aunts Carol Hoerner and Loretta Albin, uncle Leo Hyde and cousins Felecia Rasmussen and Lloyd Albin, and a new generation of cousins. He was preceded in death by his mother Beverly Hoerner and his grandparents. Rest in peace, Jake. We honor you. We love you. We will miss you. A memorial service is pending.


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