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Lore Banks

October 21, 1930 - March 23, 2014

BANKS, Lore (Age 83) Lore Banks, born as Dolores Catherine Zick on October 21, 1930, during the great depression. She had so many stories to tell that her six children, seven grand- children and four great-grandchildren would have a hard time believing, such as putting a metal curling iron in the flame of a fire to heat it since there were no electric curling irons yet, or buying ice from the man that brought it to your door (50 pound blocks of ice) to keep your food from spoiling, just to name a few. She was full of life and happiness until the day she died, as she fell asleep and past from this world to the next on the morning of March 23, 2014. She was not sick. She didn't believe in taking any medicine and was on none, up until the day she died. Her death was very peaceful, even beautiful. It was her time to be called home. When she was four she had won a scholarship to college to play piano, although she was already playing on the radio to have won the award in the first place. She spent most of her life playing piano in the lounges and hotels in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Her stage name was Lorie Stevens. She played and sang. After her big Polish wedding and six children later, she gave up that passion to take on another, raising the loves of her life, her children, and later her grandson as well. She took on the last name of her husband of 27 years, Edward Stanley Jackin, whom has since passed many years before her. She loved bowling and was able to bowl up through her late 60s. She was always there for the family. She would go without if it meant one of us could have. She was kind and generous to a fault. She had the most infectious smile. You just couldn't help but smile back at her. She never had a mean thing to say about anyone. She is loved and already missed so dearly, words cannot express. She was 83 years old. She always said she was going to live to be 100. ""You almost made it mom!""


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