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Keith James Stanfield

May 04, 1980 - October 24, 2021

Keith Stanfield was born in Wenatchee, Washington on 5/04/1980 and went home with the Lord in Spokane Valley, Washington on 10/24/2021. Between those dates he touched so many lives and made friends everywhere he went. Many are aware of the sad circumstances of his death, but this obituary is about his life. Keith is survived by his grandmother Joan, his mom Julie, his brothers Jeremy and Shaun, his sister-in-law Risa, a niece and two nephews; aunts Mary, Bernie and Deanna; uncles John, Michael, Charles, Dennis and Daniel, and numerous cousins. He is also survived by dear and decades long friends Mike, Ashley, Jose, and Richard. We think of his friends as fellow family members. Keith was preceded in death by his grandfathers James (with whom he shared a love of really bad movies), and Robert Lee. He was also preceded by his father Robert, with whom he shared a love of treasure hunting. - It is said that dogs recognize a good person when they meet them, and every dog on Earth loved Keith. He loved them back, especially his best buddy Gonzo. He loved our other dogs Ren, Birdie, and Ren 2.0 as well and was instrumental in saving them as rescue dogs. Keith had very little, but was willing to give every thing he had, whether it be to friends or strangers. When it snowed, he shoveled everyone out and helped anyone who got stuck. When an accident happened two blocks away, he ran out of the house, barefoot, pulled a victim out, gave first aid, and comforted her until first responders came. He picked broken glass from his feet for several days, but didn’t complain about it. It was worth it to him. Two of Keith’s favorite things were bottle digging and enjoying schlock and great movies alike, shouting comments and enjoying the fun. He shared titles of really bad movies with his grandpa James, who also collected bad movies. - Keith wanted to be heroic. He trained as a firefighter and wanted to be a paramedic, but his emotional and physical problems made it impossible. What he didn’t realize is that you don’t need a cape to be a hero. Every single day he did random acts of kindness. He got the cans off the top shelf, he shoveled snow, he walked people out to their cars and unloaded their groceries, all without expecting recognition. It didn’t seem like much, but it was everything to those he helped. He is no longer in pain, he has been reunited in heaven with some of his loved ones, and his burdens are over. We will be remembering him as the amazing person he was. Keith’s favorite charity was Spokane Quaranteam, an group organized by Rick Clark for the sole purpose of helping others. Any charitable remembrances should go to them. Keith would be so happy to still be helping others.


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